Introducing ACS Commercial Lending’s newest recruit

At ACS Commercial Lending, we understand church, schools and ministry, and we understand lending.

For over 20 years ACS Financial, in addition to our core insurance services, has delivered attractive, reputable lending solutions for churches, schools and ministries. We are proud of our professionalism and expertise in this area.

This reputation has been built upon our National Lending Manager, Michael Hedger’s 35 years of experience in banking and commercial lending (11 of these years with ACS) and his deep understanding of our sector and clients.

We are also pleased to announce the expansion of our team with the recent appointment of Shane Crouch to support Michael.

If you are seeking a commercial loan, right now interest rates are at record low levels and the lending markets are dynamic and complex, so it is a great time for you to utilise our expertise to finance or refinance your growth plans and facilities. Talk to our Commercial Lending experts at ACS Financial to secure the best deals available in the market

We work with the leading financial institutions around Australia, and also have our own funds avaliable through the ACC’s own ACCumulator product. This enables us to offer the latest and most attractive commercial loans to churches, schools, ministries and other commercial entities, with over $120 million in loans under management.

So save yourself time, money and unnecessary headaches today and speak with our commercial lending team to find out how we can help you.

“The expertise and advice provided by ACS Financial, and the funding and insurance cover that they secured for us at great rates and terms, enabled us to fund and complete the development of our new Melbourne City campus. I would highly recommend you contact the team at ACS Financial for your insurance and financing needs”.

Ps Russell Evans,
Senior Pastor, Planetshakers


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