Governance and compliance requirements continue to grow and consume our clients’ time and challenge their resources.

It is these challenges that causes ACS Financial to work with ministry partners to ‘fill the knowledge gap’ in this area to help build strong church foundations in the areas of governance and compliance.

The Governance Essentials course is an affordable, online, certificated training program designed specifically for board members, leadership teams and administration staff. This course has been designed specifically to meet the knowledge gap that exists in our churches and the online delivery framework is sympathetic to the time and cost restraints associated with class room participation.

Governance and compliance matters are a serious issue for all organisations. It is the responsibility of all leaders to acknowledge and ensure that their staff are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to safeguard their organisation, particularly in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Property
  • Child Protection

So why is governance and compliance so important?

Our clients rely on volunteer and part time support staff to complete complex administrative tasks, often without the depth of technical skills or knowledge to support appropriate audit and reporting requirements for leadership both within the organisation and for external regulators.

When these practices fail in any organisation, the consequences can have catastrophic outcomes. These include:

  • Leaders being distracted from mission
  • Payment of large fines or legal costs
  • Loss of property
  • Foregoing taxation status
  • The cessation of tax effective staff payment options

Free access to Titus – a tool that is transforming church governance

ACS Financial is proud to partner with Alphacrucis College and the ACC movement to deliver this online, certificated ‘Governance Essentials’ course.

We believe that this training is essential.

That is why when students complete this certificated program, ACS Financial will provide free access for 30 days to our Titus Governance product.

Titus is a cloud based software solution, it will allow graduates to explore and ‘lock in’ the learnings from the training program. Titus Governance is a tool that will allow organisations to sustain and document good governance practices into the future.
To find out more about the Governance Essentials, click here.

If you would like to ask some more questions about the course and the Titus offer, feel free to contact Steven Meredith by calling on 1800 646 777.