Not-for-Profit Insurance

Protection for Australian charities and Not-For-Profit organisations

Protecting your Not-For-Profit or charity 
beyond Public Liability or Professional

Indemnity insurance is important because, despite the best intentions and planning, things can go wrong. 

Sometimes organisations can be so focussed on their mission to serve their communities, thoughts of protecting their organisation and its people can easily be overlooked.

Failing to protect your Not-For-Profit against injury to your volunteers or others, third party property damage or the cost of defending your board against allegations of mismanagement can result in significant financial and reputational damage to your organisation.

In some instances, access to Government Grants and other financial resources may require your organisation to provide evidence of appropriate insurance cover for your activities.

For nearly 30 years, ACS Financial have been refining our
Not-For-Profit and Charity Insurance products and solutions.

We understand the risks and costs involved with running a charity. This is why we provide affordable Not-For-Profit insurance and protection packages, tailored to the level of cover you need

Options for cover can include Sexual Abuse/Molestation protection which is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as well as Cyber liability that can protect against online fraud and social engineering.

Our Not-For-Profit insurance solutions will help you get the peace of mind you need to protect your valuable resources, events and programmes. Call us to speak with our team who will assist you in selecting the best cover for your Not-For-Profit.

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The types of cover we provide for Not-For-Profits

Public Liability

Protection to pay or defend claims when your organisation is facing payment of damages for property or personal injury to participants or members of the public as a result of participating in your church or ministry programs.

Volunteer Workers

24/7 personal accident cover for your volunteers while engaged in Volunteer duties on behalf of your organisation. Protection for those who freely give their time for the sake of your cause, if they are injured while carrying out unpaid duties.

Property Protection

Protect your building and contents against loss, destruction or damage.  Buildings can be repaired, and contents replaced or hired for an immediate return to operations and additional operating costs following a loss.

Professional Indemnity

Specifically designed to protect your organisation and its representatives against legal costs and claims for damages from an act, omission or breach of professional duty in preaching, teaching, pastoral counselling and other essential ministry functions  

Associations Liability

Protects executive and non-executive directors, and the organisation  against claims resulting from a wrongful act. This product has been specifically designed to protect NFP and charity organisations against a wide range of exposures they face.

Cyber Insurance

Addresses the exposures churches and ministries face from relying on the internet, email, websites, computer programs, data and storing private information.  Responds to claims resulting from internet fraud, hacking, viruses and data or privacy breaches.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Cover for loss or damage to cars, vans, buses, trucks, trailers or motor vehicles owned by your organisation or damage to a third party’s property following a motor vehicle accident.  Various levels of cover are available to meet your needs.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Bespoke corporate travel insurance for domestic and overseas travel related to your NFP or charity.  Provides cover for financial loss resulting from cancellations, loss of luggage and medical expenses, including Covid-19.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Cover for medical expenses, treatment and rehabilitation costs that relate to a work injury. Government legislation requires all organisations who employ must have Workers Compensation Insurance.

Other products are available such as Construction Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance.

We can also tailor specific solutions for your needs. Call now to speak to one of our friendly team members.

Examples of some of the NFPs that we’ve served:

We also provide

Not only are we a leading financial services provider for the Christian and commercial sectors, but we can also tailor products specifically to your unique individual needs.

Home and Contents Insurance



"That's what we found with ACS; they lived up to their promise that they exist to help..  If I've learned anything from this situation, it is, make sure your insurer is someone who understands you, and what your needs are".

Ben Teefy

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We’re with you at every step. Give us a call and one of our friendly team members will take the time to understand your situation. We’ll identify any exposure or risks and discuss some options for the level of cover that’s suitable for you and your Not-For-Profit Organisation.

Our process is quick and easy

We’ve refined our process to be as simple as possible. Insurance can be complex but we’re with you at every step of the way to help you navigate products and assist you with paperwork.



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"It's only in the midst of a crisis that you understand the value of an insurance broker who understands your unique needs.  Cyclone Debbie hit our village and our church and caused flooding of over 4 meters devastating most of the village, including our church, contents and equipment.  We're with ACS and when crisis hit they understood our unique needs, looked after us and were able to help us get back on track so that we could go and help the community. " 

Pastor Rob Stuttle

Living Waters Church

How we help Not-For-Profits

We provide the right insurance that protects you financially and reputationally, allowing you to serve your community and focus on your goals. Here’s what we offer:

  • Protection from the financial implications of volunteers or others being injured, third party property damage, wrongful advice or even the cost of defending your board against allegations of mismanagement
  • Affordable insurance premiums for not-for-profits
  • Peace of mind that events and fundraising programmes are properly insured
  • Protection against accidental loss or injury for volunteers
  • Protection of valuable resources such as donated goods, equipment used to fundraise, stock and cash
  • Additional options for cyber liability that protect online fundraising efforts protecting against online fraud which may cause loss of revenue or reputational damage
  • Solutions to protect Board of Directors
  • Access to Sexual Abuse/Molestation Protection which is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase with some insurers no longer offering this product
  • ACS Financial Claims Management team to advocate on your behalf

Why we love what we do

By supporting you in running safer community events, fundraising initiatives, and outreach programmes, we can foster a desire in others to be part of a purposeful community.

Our heart is dedicated to helping you grow your community and advance in your vision.

Why our clients love us

We are a profit-for-purpose company, owned by Australian Christian Churches (ACC). We’re focused on supporting NFPs and charities to positively impact your communities.

  • We understand NFPs and charity organisations, having worked closely with many church and community organisations for nearly 30 years  
  • We make sure you have the best possible cover at the best possible price
  • Our team of trained insurance experts are also experts in understanding the unique needs and challenges of NFP’s and charities

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