National Redress Scheme (Update)

We have reached another milestone in working towards our full participation, and coverage of you, our clients, in the National Redress Scheme for child sexual abuse. 

We have now completed our preliminary submission following on from our interview with the Redress Scheme onboarding group.

We are confident that we have met all reasonable requirements to date.
We hope to be finalising our Memorandum of Understanding, a requirement under the Act, over coming months.

This will then enable us to provide a comprehensive briefing to all Mutual members on the Onboarding process, the benefits to you, our members, and any costs associated with this additional cover, which will not be significant.

We are pleased that to our knowledge, ACS Mutual is the only provider in the market who will be able to offer our members a full and comprehensive solution for your participation in the National Redress Scheme, subject to a successful negotiation with the Redress Scheme on terms of entry. 

​If you did not receive the communication that was sent out on 15 August 2018 you can download it here: 

National Redress Scheme Update (link will download the PDF).

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