The Ultimate Risk Management Portal For Australian Churches and Ministries

For many years ACS Insurance Services have led the way in risk management resources for Australian Churches and Ministries.

This began with the publication of the Risk Management Guide for Churches in 2006, a comprehensive manual which helped pastors, leaders, board members and volunteers of churches and ministries navigate the often complex arena of risk management and insurance. 

An updated version was printed in 2014, and copies given to all ACS Insurance customers. 

This resource was extremely well received, and regular requests were received for additional copies of the books to be sent to our clients to distribute to their core team members. 

In an exciting new development, we have now brought this book to life in a vibrant, interactive online resource, which puts hundreds of fact sheets, risk management tools, Work Place Health and Safety policies, articles and other church related resources at your fingertips.

This amazing tool is only available exclusively to ACS Insurance Services clients. 

This online Risk Management Portal will provide your organisation with an evolving resource portal which will be regularly updated with relevant articles, risk assessments and resources specifically geared to the unique needs of Churches and Ministries.

Some of the key features of this resource will help you and your organisation

  • Understand the importance of risk management and how to develop your own risk
    management program so that you can make sound and wise decisions for the trajectory of your ministry, as you reach into your local communities;
  • Recognize property related risks, and assist you in developing strategies to ensure good
    stewardship of the resources God has blessed you with, and that your buildings and
    contents are appropriately protected and maintained;
  • Resource your teams to identify and manage hazards not only at your venues but within
    your programs, enabling them to run effective and safe events.

Complete Church Focused Workplace Health And Safety Program

One of the most exciting developments of this new launch is the delivery of a comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Policy strategy specifically geared for churches.

One of the most challenging matters facing churches today is the development and implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety program.

Organisations are now subject to strict legislative requirements around adoption of formal OH&S policies. Failure to comply can result in significant financial penalties.

Our Church clients will now have access to a complete WH&S program written for churches by a leading expert in the church space.  This new feature will help organisations meet their obligations in this area in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Access To A Library Of Customisable Templates And Forms

Our church clients regularly seek assistance in the development of their standard forms and templates. This new Online Risk Guide will take the headache out of developing church forms by providing you with easily downloadable template documents including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Asset Registers
  • Incident Report Forms
  • Permission/Waiver Forms
  • Venue Hire Agreements
  • Volunteer Workers Applications
  • Annual Hazard and Review Schedules
  • Housekeeping and Property maintenance Checklists

Strategies To Reduce Risk And Understand The Role Of Insurance.

The Risk Guide will provide you with clear strategies that can be employed by your organisation to identify specific risks you may encounter, highlight some you may have not even considered and demystify the many different types of insurance policies, and how they can be used to manage risk in your organisation.

ACS Insurance Services are passionate about serving the Church community. Our desire is to champion organisations seeking to bring salt and light to their local and global communities by providing them with the tools to do what they do in a safe, effective and positive way.

We are excited to release this valuable resource to you, and see this as an instrument that sets us apart from other church insurance providers.

Our goal is not simply to provide churches and ministries with an annual Insurance and Protection renewal, but rather a tangible, accessible and valuable resource that is available 24/7.

** Further details on how to access this amazing resource will be communicated to you in the coming weeks.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website reflect some of the commercial aspects and potential risks/obligations for your Church, School or Organisation.
The information is given as a guide only and does not represent a definitive list or legal view in any way shape or form. 
You are advised to seek your own professional advice on all your individual needs.

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