Partnerships that make a difference

How can your insurance premium help make a difference?

ACS Financial are proud partners with two organisations, ACCi Missions & Relief and Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA), that change lives for those that are underprivileged, and through this association, contribute a portion of your personal insurance policy to their support.

When you take out a personal insurance policy through us, ACS Financial will, on your behalf, contribute at least 25% of our income from that policy to your selected charity partner; ACCi or SCA. Together we can help transform lives and make a difference to communities in Australia and around the world.

ACCi are engaged in missions and development, and are a movement of Australian Christians working to transform communities and nations, one life at a time.

SCA is a Christian non-denominational ministry serving the Australian sports community along-side the local church. To help fund the vital work that SCA performs in the community click here to go to the website and obtain a quote.

Spotlight on ACCi Missions & Relief

Through ACCI’s Community Transformation project, many families have been trained in how to grow healthy and flourishing kitchen gardens using permaculture methods. In almost all instances, this not only provides ample fruit and vegetables for the family, but excess produce can then be sold at local markets. There becomes a two-fold financial benefit for these gardening families – they save the cost of purchasing food, which can be significantly inflated, plus they gain an additional income stream from the sale of excess. As permaculture methods use minimal water and provide year-round crops, families are protected from the financial ebbs and flows of rice harvesting.

If crops failed during particularly dry seasons, or suffered from pests or other disease, many households were left without the meagre income they were heavily reliant on. This often led to household members – usually women – taking up factory jobs in the city. This factory work is typically exploitative – with long working hours, very low pay, and often dangerous conditions with exposure to chemicals and various machinery.

Through ACCI’s project, gardening families no longer have to rely on this sort of exploitative labour for income.

It’s an incredibly exciting development for these rural communities, who have often spent many years experiencing the financial vulnerability of subsistence farming. ACS Personal Insurance is proud to have ACCI Missions & Relief as a charity partner, and we are excited to offer you the opportunity to help support their life changing work.


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