About ACS Financial

We’re a leading financial services provider for the Christian and commercial sectors

Who we are

As a profit-for-purpose financial services company, owned by Australian Christian Churches (ACC), we’ve been serving churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, NFPs and individuals for almost 30 years.

We provide tailored solutions in insurance and protection, commercial lending, investment options and advisory services. We help you fund, protect and grow your assets, communities and organisations.

More than just insurance and protection

ACS Financial caters to the unique needs of churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, NFPs and individuals. While we excel at providing insurance and protection, we’re also experts in:


Our team of lending specialists have helped churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, and NFPs overcome financial challenges by securing loans to advance their vision. Apply for loans to purchase buildings, complete renovations, for construction work, or to refinance your existing loan at a better rate. We even have funds to lend out from our own ACCumulator fund at competitive rates.


Invest your funds and savings with us for a higher return, with no entry, exit or transaction fees. Find out about how your funds are invested ethically to help churches, ministries and schools. Enquire about our attractive tiered interest rates and flexible terms.

Commercial insurance

Get market-leading insurance and protection solutions for your business. We offer comprehensive cover at competitive prices.

Personal insurance

Get a quote on home, contents, car and travel insurance. Our competitive solutions have saved some of our members up to 40% on premiums.

Why we’re different

We’ve built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading financial services providers for Christian organisations and communities. Here’s why.

Why we’re different

We’ve built a reputation as a leading financial services provider for churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, NFPs and individuals. Here’s why.

We are:


Owned by the Australian Christian Churches (ACC), we’re faith-aligned with Christian values. We understand the complex needs of the Christian and commercial sectors that we serve. We’re a profit-for-purpose company which means we reinvest our profits to support the ACC’s mission across our nation.


Nearly 30 years of serving churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, NFPs and individuals has empowered us with 9valuable insights and experience. Our market-leading products and services reflect our expertise.



Over 3000 Australian churches, ministries, Christian schools, SMEs, NFPs, and individuals have trusted us to deliver financial services. Hear what our customers say about us.


Our long-standing staff carry a wealth of knowledge and experience. We’re actively living out our values and passionate about what we do every day to help protect, grow and serve you.


Our commitment to delivering prudent guidance, no matter the challenge. We listen, guide and walk with you to consistently deliver the best possible solutions tailored for your needs.

Board of Directors

Meet the team

What is ACS Mutual?

ACS Mutual is a Discretionary Mutual Fund. It is an association of people or entities which share common risks or goals. It was established after careful research to provide a high level of protection for our clients’ property and liability programmes. The purpose of the Mutual is to spread the cost of risk by drawing from the collective strength of members, and also to access global insurance markets to keep prices as stable and consistent as possible.

How does the Mutual work?

The Mutual pools its members’ funds to protect the members’ principal property assets and liabilities from risk. It’s a Discretionary Mutual, which means that the Board decides who is admitted to membership and has the discretion to evaluate claims that fall outside the scope of what would generally be covered.

Mutuals have a strong track record for longevity. Many of today’s insurers can be traced back to mutual origins. Mutuals are not driven by the profit motives of shareholder organisations and as a result, are inherently conservative. This conservatism has enabled mutuals to prove their resilience through periods of global financial turbulence.

What are the advantages of the Mutual?

  • Comprehensive protection for your property and public liability risks.
  • Claims will be paid, with special consideration given to unusual circumstances
  • Access to a fully funded, re-insured, ASIC regulated programme
  • Access to industry qualified professionals who understand church, school and ministry
  • Access to Consumer Protection and Dispute Resolution Services

How will we know we’ll be protected?

A comprehensive Protection Wording clearly outlines the scope of protection being provided. Therefore a member has confidence that a claim which falls within the terms of the Protection Wording will be paid.

To ensure that the significant values protected by the Mutual are covered, ACS Mutual purchases significant amounts of both insurance and reinsurance support from traditional insurance and reinsurance markets. Our ability to access both the direct (General) insurance markets and the very large global reinsurance markets is an additional advantage, providing stable protection and prices.

ACS Mutual is fully funded and backed by multi-layered re-insurance programmes through reputable Australian and international providers.


What does Discretionary Cover mean?

With Discretionary Cover, ACS Financial reserves judgement, to pay or not to pay on claims. Aligning with our Christian values and mission, we sensibly consider each case based on its individual merit. Therefore, we may pay out on claims where other providers would traditionally decline them based on exclusions under a standard policy.

Furthermore, all members are protected by a comprehensive Product Disclosure Statement. This clearly outlines the scope of cover provided, which gives members the confidence that claims within this wording will be paid out.

What if there are ‘grey areas’?

There are sometimes claims that fall into a ‘grey area’, which would usually be declined by a traditional insurer. In these cases, under a Discretionary Mutual, the board can apply reasonable consideration and payout on claims deemed appropriate.

Our clients tell our story

We’re with you on your journey, and you’re as much a part of our story as we are.

Video 1
ACS Financial Desert Life Testimonial

Pastor Ben Teefy speaks of the process of the church’s insurance claim through ACS Financial as being a blessing in disguise. When the storm struck on a Friday afternoon, ACS had an assessor out at the facility over the weekend, assisting the church with recovery and assessment of the damage.

Video 2
Kings Christian College and ACS Financial

Kings Christian College is a longstanding client of ACS Financial who have grown considerably over the last 20 years. This video highlights the relationship between Kings Christian College and ACS Financial.

Video 3
ACS Financial Living Waters Tumbulgum

ACS Financial were there to help. Within days of the natural disaster, ACS Financial were on the ground in Tumbulgum, helping Senior Pastors Rob and Brenda Stuttle begin the process of healing and rebuilding; both the community and its structures.

Slide 4
ACS Financial Stanthorpe Vineyard Christian Church

Vineyard Christian Church were able to build a new kids’ church facility with funds secured through ACS Financial’s Commercial Lending service. The new kids’ church facility provides a fun, safe and engaging space for children to get to know God.

We’re ready

At ACS Financial, we’re with you on your journey. Our team are waiting to help you find tailored solutions for insurance, protection, investment and lending.

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