Commercial Property Insurance in Australia

Your assets deserve the best protection. Our commercial property insurance solution provides comprehensive coverage tailored to your unique needs.

Don't leave your investments vulnerable. Contact us for a personalised quote today, and experience peace of mind knowing your assets are in good hands.

Commercial Insurance You Can Trust

At ACS Financial, we've been serving businesses across Australia for nearly 30 years. We've built partnerships with reputable insurance providers to bring you various coverage options.
Our focus is on long-term support and finding insurance solutions for your business. We offer a range of commercial insurance products, including Property, Business Interruption, glass and Public Liability Insurance. 

Types of Commercial Property Insurance available to you:

At ACS Financial, we provide comprehensive coverage to ensure your property has the appropriate level of cover in event of a loss, to sustain your income pre-loss. Coverage can include:

Business Building Insurance

Protect your business premises with comprehensive business building insurance from ACS. With various levels of coverage available.

Office Insurance

Are you a property owner of an office rented out to a business? We can help protect your assets and investment.

Warehouses Insurance

Do you own a warehouse? Whether your tenant is a wholesaler, a manufacturer, we at ACS are able to assist you with your insurance needs.

Factory Insurance

Are you a property owner of a factory? Whether your tenant is a wholesaler, a manufacturer, we at ACS are able to assist you with your insurance needs.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Do you own commercial real estate? Protect your Commercial property with our Commercial Landlords insurance.

Retail Shop Insurance

Are you a property owner of a retail shop? We can also assist with insurance for cafes, clothing shops, pharmacies, and many more.

Commercial Building Insurance: Protecting Your Infrastructure

Your commercial building is a significant investment, and it's essential to have the right insurance in place.

Whether you're a property owner of a small retail shop, a restaurant or even a big warehouse complex rented out to manufacturing businesses, we can source the right insurance products for you. 

What's the process?

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  • Call our office on 1800 646 777
  • Talk to one of our friendly staff.
  • Explain what you're looking for.


  • Understand your unique situation.
  • Identify potential exposure.
  • Help to mitigate your risk.


  • Recommend products you'll need.
  • Present quotation.
  • Commence protection.

What are some of the benefits of our Commercial Property Insurance?

Peace of mind is just the beginning with our commercial property insurance options.

Market-leading Protection

Get comprehensive cover and market-leading protection for your commercial property. We strive to offer a range of insurance options at competitive prices, ensuring your investment is financially viable. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Tailored Solutions

Our insurance options are catered to your needs, with cover tailored to suit your property. Whether you need cover for theft, public liability, property damage, glass breakage, machinery malfunction, or more, we have an extensive range of options to suit your needs.

Experienced Team

Our team has a wealth of experience when it comes to providing commercial property insurance in Australia. We’re always on hand to answer your questions, and we'll discuss our comprehensive range of insurance options with you to make sure you secure the right insurance for your needs.

Need help deciding on the right commercial, factory or office insurance?

Choosing the right commercial insurance in Australia for your business can be complex. That's why our expert team is here to help.

With ACS Financial, getting a quote is quick and easy. Let us help you protect your business assets today. Contact us for assistance and let us guide you in making the best decision for your business. You can reach us at 1800 952 373.


How much does commercial building insurance cost?

The cost of commercial building insurance in Australia can vary widely depending on several factors. Here are the key elements that influence the pricing:

  • Building Value and Replacement Cost: The insurance premium will largely depend on the value of the building and the cost to rebuild it in case of a total loss. Higher-value buildings will naturally attract higher premiums.

  • Location: The location of your building significantly impacts the cost. Buildings in areas prone to natural disasters (like floods, bushfires, or cyclones) or high crime rates will generally have higher insurance costs.

  • Building Usage: How the building is used also affects the cost. For instance, a building used for manufacturing might have a different risk profile compared to one used for retail or office space.

  • Construction Materials and Age: Older buildings or those made with less durable materials might have higher premiums due to increased risk of damage and higher repair costs.

  • Coverage Level: The extent of coverage you choose—basic coverage, including just the building structure, versus comprehensive coverage, which might include contents, equipment, and liability—will affect the overall cost.

  • Claim History: Your business's history of insurance claims can influence premiums. A history of frequent or high-value claims can lead to higher costs.

While it's challenging to provide a precise cost without specific details, here are some rough estimates for commercial building insurance in Australia:

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Premiums can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year for a small to medium-sized business property.

  • Large Commercial Properties: For larger properties, premiums can range from $5,000 to $20,000 or more per year.

If you’re wondering about the cost of commercial property insurance in Australia, ask us for a quote today.

Where can I find the best commercial real estate insurance quotes?

ACS Financial provides market-leading protection for your commercial property. For a commercial insurance quote that’s tailored to the specific needs of your business, speak to the team today.

How are commercial property claims settled?

Our experienced team will guide you through each stage of the claims process. Once you report and document the incident, the insurer will assess your claim and provide a settlement offer. This offer can be negotiated if you believe the settlement is too low. The property claim is then settled once all parties are satisfied with the outcome. 

What are standard commercial property insurance exclusions?

Some commercial real estate insurance exclusions include gradual deterioration of the building, general wear and tear, mould, damage to the property’s foundations, and design defects. 

Do commercial property owners require public liability insurance?

It’s important for property owners to have public liability insurance so they can protect themselves for personal injury or property damage to third Parties. This includes tenants the landlord is liable for.

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