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It is with pleasure that we at ACS Financial launch our new look quarterly client newsletter with loads of content into the future to assist you, our valued clients.  
With important knowledge gained from our nearly 25 years in Insurance, Lending and Investments, we continue to assist you, our clients, in managing your risks and resourcing and supporting your organisations.
All of us at ACS Financial are highly skilled and experienced financial services professionals and are strongly aligned to our vision of being the leading financial services provider to churches, schools and ministries in support of their mission and reinvesting our profits back into church ministry and growing God’s kingdom.
The current insurance markets are starting to become quite volatile after a range of major insurance events around the world and within Australia, with significant premium increases being forecast over coming months.  Through our unique structures and access into global insurance markets, we are well placed to shield our clients from significant pricing volatility on the near term horizon and we continue to provide high levels of service, claim payouts and improvements for you our clients.
When it comes to insurance and risk protection, there are no shortcuts, particularly when it comes to premiums and the level of cover you have.  The value of your cover is only revealed when you have a claim and how well that claim is managed and paid.  You need to be able to rest easy that you are properly and fully covered so that you can focus on what you do, and know that we will help you get back on your feet when something does happen.
The ACS group covers nearly $3 billion of insured property values nationally, and expanding globally, has paid out over $20 million in claims to our members and clients over the past 4 years, and has kept pricing stable throughout that time. We currently have over $100m of commercial loans under management and over $20m of client funds under management.  Our recent client survey results delivered a 98% satisfaction result with most of those actively recommending our services to others.
Happy reading, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do for you.
We’re with you !
Yours in his service


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