COVIDSafe Church Plan

Returning back to Church

Throughout the current pandemic, we have seen some wonderful examples of how God’s church has continued to minister in communities under difficult circumstances. 

As restrictions at a federal government level begin to relax, we need to make sure that we continue to behave in a way that honours God and protects our congregations when public meetings recommence.

We have put together a resource to help churches meet the standards set out by authorities, but also more importantly, be considered and responsible as we begin again to use church premises for the mission which they were intended.

This resource is provided as a guide only to provide general recommendations for churches and ministries. Every church is unique and therefore should develop and adopt a COVIDSafe Plan which addresses their individual circumstances.

Step 1: Download the COVIDSafe Church Plan

This resource provides practical guidance on key areas like tithes and offerings, communion, tea and coffee provisions, children's church programs, etc.

Step 2: Download the Instruction Sheet

This resource guides you through the process of using the COVIDSafe plan.

Step 3: Download the COVIDSafe Posters

This resource provides you with posters to put up in your church.

Step 4: Download an Example Risk Assessment

This resource provides you with an example Risk Assessment. 

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website reflect some of the commercial aspects and potential risks/obligations for your Church, School or Organisation. The information is given as a guide only and does not represent a definitive list or legal view in any way shape or form.  You are advised to seek your own professional advice on all your individual needs.
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