Announcing the 2016 Compassion in Sport Award Winner

ACS is proud to partner with Sports Chaplaincy Australia to present the Annual Compassion in Sport Award.

This year’s award is presented to a sportsperson who, through her profile in sports in Australia, has made a long-termed, compassionate impact on the lives of people living less fortunate.

She was only 17 when first invited to run for Australia in the Olympic Games. Only to have her dream shattered with a pre-games injury. Then again at 21 she was on track to run at the Olympics, measured for the team track-suit, only to face debilitating stress fractures. This occurred again at 25 years of age.

Finally, with a successful run at London and most recently at last week’s Rio Games where she smashed her PB time by over 30 seconds finishing 10th in the 10k and 9th in the 5k (Finishing in 15m:01sec).

Alongside her running, Elzy is the co-founder of “Love Mercy”, which is transforming Ugandan communities by helping women with education, healthcare and income generation. This is why she runs and these women are what she thinks about as she is running.

We would now like to honour her for her vision, commitment and compassion for others in need.

Congratulations to Eloise Wellings recipient of the 2016 Compassion in Sport Award Winner

To find out more about Eloise and the amazing work that Love Mercy is doing – please check out her website or download her story


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