The Importance of Property Maintenance

All property owners – churches, schools, commercial businesses and individuals have a responsibility to maintain their property in such a manner that they do not injure occupiers and visitors. It is everyone’s responsibility to report hazards so that they are dealt with immediately.

By implementing a property maintenance and inspection process, you can reduce the effects of minor and major property events and ensure your organisation is well placed to make a quick recovery.

Furthermore, upkeeping of property provides protection as claims in respect of physical loss, destruction or damage by or happening through lack of maintenance may be excluded.

Gradual deterioration and wear and tear over time due to normal use can weaken built structures. These built structures include roofs, fences, play equipment, sheds, car parks and gardens – making them unsafe and more likely to sustain damage during a storm. It is important to note whilst all built structures require maintenance, roofs are particularly prone to wear and tear.

Not sure where to start?

If you need help and don’t know where to start you can access our Risk Management Guide for Churches for further information and a copy of a Housekeeping Checklist, by contacting our office by clicking here or calling on 1800 646 777.

We’re here to serve you. Educating our clients on establishing world leading risk management practices is our mission.

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